Philos PLASTOX Volume Scalp Shampoo
Philos PLASTOX Volume Scalp Shampoo

Philos PLASTOX Volume Scalp Shampoo

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Plastox Volume Scalp Shampoo 500 mL

Used as a shampoo hair product for all hair types, effective in treating dandruff accumulation along scalp, raising hair volume, and relieves hair loss.


Certified Shampoo to alleviate against hair loss!
Volume Scalp Shampoo
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- Pine tree vitality function exerted directly onto your scalp
o Contains PINUX ingredients extracted directly from barks of New Zealand pine trees using the latest proprietary technology, eliciting a whitening, antioxidation, promotion of hair growth, and regeneration of scalp cells!
o Effectively prevents hair loss AND relieves hair loss!
Functions Include:
1) REDUCES scalp stress and inflammation
2) BOOSTS hair growth – increases hair volume
3) RELIEF against dandruff
4) Promotes odor fragrance along crown of the hair

Reduces scalp inflammation & heat!
Increases hair volume!
Hair loss accelerated due to scalp stress & inflammation:
Contains menthol ingredients to give scalp a refreshing texture by nourishing and strengthening saggy hair roots, simultaneously preventing hair loss as well as promoting abundant hair volume

Main Ingredients:
1) Pinox
2) Mulberry bark extracts
3) Celestial root extracts
4) Calamus root extracts
5) Green tea extracts
6) Centella herb extracts
7) Mountain berry extracts
8) Coix Seed extracts
9) Dwarf root extracts
10) Licorice root extracts
Contains natural, organic extract ingredients to aid in scalp care and regeneration.

Step-by-step use:
1) Use lukewarm water to wash hair scalp
2) Massage scalp using 3-5g of shampoo product
3) Wait 3 minutes after forming shampoo foam, and then rinse scalp thoroughly



Philos PLASTOX Volume Scalp Shampoo