PORE CARE, Snow2+ Pore Care Sky Patch
PORE CARE, Snow2+ Pore Care Sky Patch

PORE CARE, Snow2+ Pore Care Sky Patch

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This product is used during skin care routine for sebum removal and tightening enlarged around the nose. Used as a 3-step routine containing magnesium nose patch along with a double step pore-care facial mask for single use disposal (for hygienic purposes). Magnesium as a nose patch provides essential minerals effective for skin regeneration, repair, and other external damages while the pore masks nourishes the skin with new collagen to effective enclose and tighten exposed pores that secrete excessive sebum around the nose.

Step-by-step use:

1) Utilize facial foam cleansers to thoroughly hydrate and wash.

2) Remove the Mg2+ nose & butterfly zone protective film patch

3) Attach magnesium patch along the microneedle facing towards the nose and butterfly zone of your skin.

4) Remove protective film of Step1 Pore Care Mask and place directly above the magnesium patch

5) Remove both Step1 mask and the magnesium patch after 10-20 minutes

6) Remove protective film of Step2 Pore Care Mask, attach at the same spot, and remove after 10-20 minutes.



Magnesium Nose Patch 2ea (1 Pouch)

Magnesium Butterfly Zone Patch 4 ea (2 Pouch)

Step 1 Pore care Mask Pack 2ea / Step 2 Pore Care Mask Pack 2ea



Snow 2+ Plus Pore Care Sky Patch

PORE CARE, Snow2+ Pore Care Sky Patch
$19.99 $17.99